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Free Meals Program

Baird Independent School District
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Tim Little, Ed.D., Superintendent Cindy Clark, Business Manager

October 29, 2020 

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff of Baird ISD, 

We are excited to announce that beginning Monday, November 2nd, all students of Baird ISD will receive free meals at breakfast and lunch. Meals will be available on regular school days but not on holidays or weekends. Students will be able to go through the cafeteria line and receive a free meal. A la carte items, snacks, and beverages will still be available for purchase in the cafeteria. Students enrolled in remote learning will be able to pick up meals from the cafeteria during designated times.  

This program is provided through a waiver from the US Department of Agriculture and will continue as long as the waiver permits. Parents will be notified when meal charges will resume.  

In addition to Baird ISD students, the waiver allows the district to provide a free meal to any child between the ages of 0-18. Parents can pick up meals without any required documentation if children are present. If children are not present, documentation will be required. Please contact Tiffany Voigts,  Food Services Director, at 325-854-1400 ext. 322 or by email at to discuss acceptable documentation for non-Baird ISD students. 

This program does not include meals for staff.  

Please be aware that any charges incurred in the cafeteria until Friday, October 30 are still the responsibility of parents. Letters will be sent to the parents of any students who have outstanding account balances at that time, and we ask that those balances be paid in a timely manner or payment arrangements are made with Ms. Voigts. 


Tim Little, Ed.D. 

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